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Here is an opportunity to be part of exciting world of KULFIANO. We at Kulfiano believe in expansion through relations. Renowned for offering only the highest quality products, people everywhere recognize the quality associated with Kulfiano and are more likely to be repeat customers of it.

With our Kulfiano Franchisees’ in mind, we are constantly moving forward with new ways to grow their business and increase our products reach.

We are proud of the extensive support we provide our franchisees. When you open a Kulfiano Franchise, you’ll never be alone, because we’ll be with you every step of the way. To help ensure your journey to opening your Kulfiano franchise is a smooth one, our dedicated franchise team will assist you with pre-opening steps such as site – selection, design & construction, as well a grand opening plan.

Our operations system also aids in your success by allowing you to benefit from our years of experience. We keep the cost of entry and operating costs as low as possible.


  • Low Investment and High Profits.
  • An Established Brand Name.
  • Ready to earn business from the day it starts.
  • Indepth Franchise & Product Knowledge
  • New Items added to the menu regularly
  • Ideal and convenient business locations with excellent footfalls
  • Innovative approach-promotions will be unique and in novel manner
  • If you have a location that would be a great for a Kulfiano Franchise, Contact us today